English → English - total

n. sum; whole
v. sum up, amount to, come to
adj. entire, complete, absolute

English → Spanish - total

s. total, conjunto, suma total
v. totalizar; hacer cuentas
adj. total, de una pieza, entero, global, íntegro

Spanish → English - total

[total] adv. wholesale

English → French - total

n. addition, total; global
v. additionner, totaliser
adj. entier, complet; total, global

English → German - total

n. Total, Gesamtbetrag, Gesamtsumme
v. total
adj. ganz, völlig

English → Indonesian - total

n. total, jumlah
v. menjumlahkan, berjumlah, menghancurkan sama sekali
a. total, semesta, kotah, mutlak, tuntas

English → Italian - total

s. totale, somma
v. addizionare, sommare; ammontare a, giungere a un totale di
agg. totale, complessivo, tutto; assoluto, integrale, completo; globale, intero

English → Polish - total

n. kwota ogólna
v. zsumować, wynieść, zsumowywać, wynosić
a. łączny, całkowity, cały, doszczętny, zupełny, ogólny, sumaryczny, globalny, radykalny, totalny

English → Portuguese - total

s. total, soma; inteiro, todo
v. somar, adicionar
adj. total, inteiro

English → Romanian - total

n. bilanţ, sumă, cifră
v. aduna, însuma
a. total, întreg, deplin, complet, global, perfect, absolut

English → Russian - total

с. целое, сумма, итог
г. подсчитывать, подводить итог, составлять, равняться, доходить до
прил. весь, целый, суммарный, совокупный, абсолютный, тотальный, полный

English → Turkish - total

f. toplamak, toplamını bulmak, tutmak (toplam), etmek (toplam), parçalamak (araba)
i. toplam, tutar, adet, mevcut, topu, hepsi
s. toplam, tüm, bütün, toptan, hepten

English → Ukrainian - total

n. ціле, сума, підсумок
v. підраховувати, дорівнювати
a. повний, тотальний
pron. весь

French → English - total

adj. total, utter, absolute, entire, comdlete

German → English - total

adj. entire, complete, absolute

Indonesian → English - total

n. sum total, total, tot
a. general, total, full-scale, unqualified, resounding
adv. total: in total, totally
pref. stone-

Portuguese → English - total

adj. total, entire, absolute, overall, utter

Romanian → English - total

n. sum, count, whole
a. entire, total, whole, utter, inclusive, thorough, complete, crass, blank, dead, unmitigated, exclusive, absolute, all-out, gross
adv. totally, utterly, wholly, completely, perfectly, outright, quite

Turkish → English - total

n. sum; whole
v. sum up, amount to, come to
adj. entire, complete, absolute

English → Dutch - total

zn. totaal; gezamenlijk bedrag
ww. optellen; een totaal vormen van
bn. totaal, absoluut

English → Greek - total

ουσ. ολικό άθροισμα, ολικό ποσό, όλο, σύνολο, άθροισμα
ρήμ. συμποσούμαι, αθροίζω
επίθ. ολόκληρος, συνολικός, ολικός

French → Spanish - total

1. (général) completo; total 2. (bêtises) puro; completo; total; absoluto; flagrante; perfecto 3. (mensonge) absoluto; total; completo
4. (désastre) profundo; implacable 5. (changement) total; completo; general 6. (degré) completo; total; cabal; entero
7. (quantité) total; agregado 8. (entier) entero; total; integral; completo

German → Spanish - total

adj. total, absoluto, entero, completo
adv. totalmente, completamente, completo: por completo, remate: de remate

Spanish → French - total

1. (general) complet; total; absolu; fini; parfait 2. (tonterías) pur; absolu; complet; véritable; flagrant; total; parfait 3. (mentira) absolu; total; complet; éclatant
4. (palabra de intensificación) pur; complet; absolu 5. (cambio) total; complet; général 6. (grado) complet; absolu; total; entier
7. (cantidad) collectif; total; global 8. (absoluto) absolu; parfait; complet

Spanish → German - total

n. summe, gesamtsumme, betrag, gesamtbetrag, endsumme, fazit, ganze
a. ganz, gänzlich, voll, völlig, vollständig, gesamt, total, restlos
adv. also

Spanish → Russian - total

n. количество: общее количество,
adj. весь, полный

French → German - total

n. summe, zwischensumme, total
adj. total, voll, vollkommen, völlig, gesamt-, komplett, restlos, spurlos, himmelweit, unbedingt

French → Italian - total

1. (général) completo; assoluto; totale; bell'e buono 2. (bêtises) autentico; vero e proprio; assoluto; totale; puro; perfetto 3. (mensonge) lampante; evidente; assoluto; bello e buono
4. (désastre) vero e proprio; completo 5. (changement) completo; totale; generale 6. (degré) assoluto; totale; intero; completo
7. (quantité) complessivo; totale; globale 8. (entier) intero; tutto; totale; completo; integrale

French → Portuguese - total

1. (général) completo; total 2. (bêtises) puro; total; completo; absoluto; perfeito 3. (mensonge) absoluto; puro; deslavado; descarado
4. (désastre) implacável; completo 5. (changement) completo; total; geral 6. (degré) inteiro; total; completo; integral
7. (quantité) agregado; total; global 8. (entier) inteiro; completo; total; integral

French → Russian - total

n. итог (m), сумма (m), совокупность (m)
a. весь, сплошной, абсолютный

French → Turkish - total

tüm, eksiksiz, tam

German → French - total

n. total (m)
adj. complet, intégral, total
adv. totalement, complètement, fin

German → Italian - total

adj. totale
adv. tutto: del tutto

German → Russian - total

adj. тотальный, всеобщий, всеобъемлющий, полный
adv. совсем, совершенно, полностью, вконец

German → Turkish - total

s. bütün, tam, genel

Portuguese → French - total

1. (geral) complet; total; absolu; fini; parfait 2. (asneira) pur; absolu; complet; véritable; flagrant; total; parfait 3. (partícula de realce) pur; complet; absolu
4. (mudança) total; complet; général 5. (atenção) entier; indivisé 6. (grau) complet; absolu; total; entier; systématique; en masse; sur une grande échelle
7. (quantidade) collectif; total; global 8. (política) complet; entier

Turkish → French - total

tüm, eksiksiz, tam

Turkish → Russian - total

n. сумма (F)
adj. тотальный

French → Dutch - total

1. (général) compleet; totaal 2. (bêtises) klinkklaar; zuiver; louter; puur; je reinste; volstrekt; volslagen 3. (mensonge) regelrecht; zuiver; puur
4. (désastre) absoluut; volslagen; volkomen 5. (changement) volledig; totaal; algemeen; compleet; algeheel 6. (degré) volslagen; door en door; compleet; helemaal; totaal
7. (quantité) gezamenlijk; totaal; globaal 8. (entier) volledig; geheel; totaal; compleet; integraal

German → Dutch - total

totaal ,finaal ,hardstikke ,hartstikke

English → Arabic - total

‏مجموع، حاصل، مبلغ كلي‏
‏بلغ في مجموعه، جمع، إرتفع ل، تلف، هدم‏
‏كلي، إجمالي، كامل، شامل، متكامل‏

English → Chinese - total

(名) 总数, 合计, 全体
(动) 总计, 共计为; 总计, 合计; 完全被毁
(形) 总计的, 全体的, 总括的; 总体的; 完全的, 绝对的; 全面发动的

English → Chinese - total

(名) 總數, 合計, 全體
(動) 總計, 共計為; 總計, 合計; 完全被毀
(形) 總計的, 全體的, 總括的; 總體的; 完全的, 絕對的; 全面發動的

English → Hindi - total

n. पूरा हिस्सा, पूरा भाग, समग्रता, पूर्णांक, मीज़ान
v. हिसाब लगाना, हिसाब जोड़ना, गिनती करना, गणना करना, लेखा लगाना
a. पूरा, संपूर्ण, भर, अर्च्छाख़ासा, समस्त, समवायी

English → Japanese - total

(形) 全体の; 完全な
(動) 合計…になる; 合計する
(名) 合計; 総計

English → Korean - total

명. 합계, 계
동. 합계하다, 총계내다
형. 전체의, 절대적인

English → Vietnamese - total

n. toàn bộ, tổng số, toàn thể
v. cộng lại, tính gộp lại, tổng cộng
a. hoàn toàn, toàn thể, trọn, chung, tổng

German → Chinese - total


Spanish → Korean - total

n. 총계
adj. 전체의, 절대적인

Definition of total

1. An amount obtained by the addition of smaller amounts.
A total of £145 was raised by the bring-and-buy stall.
2. Sum.
The total of 4, 5 and 6 is 15.
3. Entire; relating to the whole of something.
The total book is rubbish from start to finish.
The total number of votes cast is 3,270.
4. (used as an intensifier) Complete; absolute.
He is a total failure.
5. To add up; to calculate the sum of.
When we totalled the takings, we always got a different figure.
6. To equal a total of; to amount to.
That totals seven times so far.
7. To demolish; to wreck completely. (from total loss)
Honey, I’m OK, but I’ve totaled the car.
8. To amount to; to add up to.
It totals nearly a pound.
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Verb Forms

Present participle: total(l)ing
Present: total (3.person: totals)
Past: total(l)ed
Future: will total
Present conditional: would total
Present Perfect: have total(l)ed (3.person: has total(l)ed)
Past Perfect: had total(l)ed
Future Perfect: will have total(l)ed
Past conditional: would have total(l)ed
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