English → English - trump

n. playing card belonging to the presently leading suit (Cards); suit of cards ranking above the others (Cards); last resort, final resource; admired person; trumpet, sound of a trumpet (Archaic, Poetry)
v. defeat with a trump, play a trump (Cards); outdo

English → Spanish - trump

s. triunfo
v. jugar un triunfo; triunfar

English → French - trump

n. carte atout; suite de carte classée de façon progressive; personne admirée, trompette, son de la trompette; dernier recours, moyen final
v. prendre avec l'atout, gagner

English → German - trump

n. Trumpf (Kartenspiel); Trompete
v. übertrumpfen

English → Indonesian - trump

n. terup, truf
v. menterup

English → Italian - trump

s. briscola, trionfo, atout; (fig) ultima risorsa; (fam) tipo in gamba, brav'uomo
v. prendere con una briscola

English → Polish - trump

n. trąby głos, atut, kapitalny facet
v. przebić {karc.}, atut: przebić atutem
a. atutowy

English → Portuguese - trump

s. trombeta; trunfo
v. vencer

English → Romanian - trump

n. atu, chefliu {fam.}, om de nădejde, om de treabă
v. păcăli

English → Russian - trump


English → Turkish - trump

f. koz ile almak, koz oynamak, baskın çıkmak, gölgede bırakmak
i. boru, boru sesi, koz, iyi adam, baba adam, müthiş adam

English → Ukrainian - trump

n. козир, атут
v. козиряти
a. козирний

English → Dutch - trump

zn. troefkaart; bovenste beste, valse verzinsels, doorgestoken kaart; trompet
ww. (af)troeven, overtroeven

English → Greek - trump

ουσ. καλό χαρτί, κόζι, ατού, αξιόπιστο πρόσωπο, σάλπιγξ, σάλπισμα
ρήμ. παίζω το ατού, τεχνάζομαι, σκευωρώ

English → Arabic - trump

‏شخص ممتاز، بوق، ورقة رابحة، لون مفضل، صوت البواق‏
‏زايد، لعب بالورقة الرابحة، أخذ الورقة الرابحة‏

English → Chinese - trump

(名) 王牌; 有效手段; 好人#喇叭, 号筒; 喇叭声
(动) 出王牌赢; 胜过, 赢; 出王牌; 出王牌获胜

English → Chinese - trump

(名) 王牌; 有效手段; 好人#喇叭, 號筒; 喇叭聲
(動) 出王牌贏; 勝過, 贏; 出王牌; 出王牌獲勝

English → Hindi - trump

n. तुरुप
v. तुरुप लगाना, डींग मारना

English → Japanese - trump

(名) 他の札を全部負かす札とした切り札(カード); 他の札よりも高く位置付けた札(カード); 偉人; 最終手段; トランペット, トランペットの音色(古語, 詩)
(動) 切り札で取る; 切り札を出す(カード); しのぐ

English → Korean - trump

명. 으뜸패(카드); 최후수단; 존경받는 사람; 트럼펫, 트럼펫소리(고어)
동. 으뜸패를 내놓다, 으뜸패로 따다, 지우다, 나팔을 불다

English → Vietnamese - trump

n. kèn, lá bài ăn

Definition of trump

1. The suit, in a game of cards, that outranks all others.
Diamonds were declared trump(s).
2. A playing card of that suit.
He played an even higher trump.
3. Something that gives one an advantage, especially one held in reserve.
4. An excellent person; a fine fellow, a good egg.
5. An old card game, almost identical to whist; the game of ruff.
6. The major arcana of the tarot
7. A card of the major arcana
8. To play a trump (on a card of another suit).
He knew the hand was lost when his ace was trumped.
9. To play a trump, or to take a trick with a trump
11. To impose unfairly; to palm off.
12. To supersede.
In this election, it would seem issues of national security trumped economic issues.
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Verb Forms

Present participle: trumping
Present: trump (3.person: trumps)
Past: trumped
Future: will trump
Present conditional: would trump
Present Perfect: have trumped (3.person: has trumped)
Past Perfect: had trumped
Future Perfect: will have trumped
Past conditional: would have trumped
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