English → English - up

n. rise, ascent; feeling of elation
v. raise, increase; get up, rise; do something suddenly
adj. alert, awake; standing, upright; in a higher position; raised, uplifted; finished, over; elated; increased; under consideration; moving upwards; going on, happening; on trial; aware, knowledgeable; operational, working

English → Spanish - up

s. alza, subida
v. alzar, incrementar
adj. despierto/a; levantado

English → French - up

n. le haut; montée
v. soulever; monter; augmenter
adj. debout; réveillé

English → German - up

n. auf; bis; hoch; oben
v. heben; aufheben, auf, bis, hoch, oben
adj. nach oben; dort oben; droben; wach; auf, bis, hoch, oben

English → Indonesian - up

v. menaikkan
a. naik: yg naik
adv. atas: ke atas, atas: di atas, ke, terbit, naik, kencang, sampai: sudah sampai, siap: dlm keadaan siap, selesai: sampai selesai, mengimbangi
prep. atas: ke atas, naik, atas: di atas, sebelah sana

English → Italian - up

s. su, sopra
v. alzare, sollevare, tirare su; aumentare, far salire
agg. in piedi, alzato, su

English → Polish - up

a. podniesiony
adv. góra: do góry, góra: w górę, wzwyż, głąb: w głąb, góra: na górze, wysoko, wyżej
prep. góra: do góry, góra: w górę, góra: na górze

English → Portuguese - up

s. subida, ascensão; euforia
v. elevar, erguer, aumentar; fazer algo subitamente
adj. alerta, acordado; ereto; elevado; informado, ciente; corrente; operacional; em avaliação; terminado, acabado

English → Romanian - up

n. urcuş, suiş, urcare, pantă, ridicătură de pământ, movilă, ridicare a preţului, mărire a preţurilor
v. scula: se scula în picioare, urca preţurile, ridica {fam.}
adv. sus: în sus, centru: la centru, picior: pe picioare, spre, încolo
prep. lung: de-a lungul, sus: în sus, sus: în sus pe

English → Russian - up

с. подъем, успех, вздорожание
г. поднимать, подниматься, повышать, вскакивать
прил. поднимающийся вверх; направляющийся в крупный центр; направляющийся на север; оживленный; повышающийся; шипучий

English → Turkish - up

ed. yukarı, yukarıya, tepesinde, içeride (ülke)
i. çıkış, artış, uyarıcı, mutluluk veren şey
ünl. kalk, yaşasın, yukarı

English → Ukrainian - up

n. високопоставлений: високопоставлена особа, підйом
v. піднімати, підвищувати
a. великий: що йде у велике місце, вгору: що піднімається вгору, зростаючий
adv. угору, углиб, нагорі, вище, верхи, догори, нагору
prep. уздовж, проти, скрізь, угору

English → Dutch - up

zn. helling, opgang; stijging
ww. (plotseling) de hoogte in jagen, verhogen
bn. wakker; staand

English → Greek - up

πρόθ. επάνω, πάνω
ρήμ. υψώνω, εγείρομαι
επίθ. όρθιος

English → Arabic - up

‏رفع الأسعار‏
‏فوق، إلى فوق، مستيقظا، عاليا، على قدميه، فما فوق، بغير إبطاء‏

English → Chinese - up

(形) 向上的, 上行的
(副) 向上, 起来, 到

English → Chinese - up

(形) 向上的, 上行的
(副) 向上, 起來, 到

English → Hindi - up

n. ऊपर की आ‍ेर
v. उतार देना
adv. ऊपर, ऊपर की आ‍ेर, तक, पूर्ण रूप से, समाप्त
prep. ऊपर, ऊपर की आ‍ेर, तक, ऊपर: के ऊपर

English → Japanese - up

(動) 上昇する, 上がる; 持ち上げる, 引き上げる; 突然…する
(名) 上昇, 上り坂, 隆盛; 得意げ; 幸運
(副) 高い方へ, 高い方に; 前進して; 地平線の上に; 地面から; 高度に

English → Korean - up

명. 상승, 기상; 붕뜨는 기분
동. 위로 올리다, 증가 시키다; 일어나다; 갑자기 무엇을 행하다
형. 경계하는; 선, 곧게 서있는; 높은 지위의; 올려진; 끝난; 증가된; 심사숙고하에; 위로 향하는; 진행되는; 재판중인; 알고 있는; 작동중인

English → Vietnamese - up

v. dơ lên, nhấc lên, nâng lên, những chổ lên
adv. lên trên, ở trên, chưa đi ngủ
prep. bước lên, trèo lên

Definition of up

1. Away from the surface of the Earth or other planet; in opposite direction to the downward pull of gravity.
I looked up and saw the airplane overhead.
2. Used as an aspect marker to indicate a completed action or state Thoroughly, completely.
I will mix up the puzzle pieces.
Tear up the contract.
He really messed up.
Please type up our monthly report.
3. To or from one's possession or consideration.
I picked up some milk on the way home.
The committee will take up your request.
She had to give up her driver's license after the accident.
4. North.
I will go up to New York to visit my family this weekend.
5. To a higher level of some quantity or notional quantity, such as price, volume, pitch, happiness, etc.
Gold has gone up with the uncertainty in the world markets.
Turn it up, I can barely hear it.
Listen to your voice go up at the end of a question.
Cheer up, the weekend's almost here.
6. Traditional term for the direction leading to the principal terminus, towards milepost zero.
7. Against the wind or current.
8. In a positive vertical direction.
9. Relatively close to the batsman.
The bowler pitched the ball up.
10. Without additional ice.
Would you like that drink up or on ice?
11. Towards Cambridge or Oxford.
She's going up to read Classics this September.
12. To or in a position of equal advance or equality; not short of, back of, less advanced than, away from, etc.; usually followed by to or with.
I was up to my chin in water.
A stranger came up and asked me for directions.
13. To or in a state of completion; completely; wholly; quite.
Drink up. The pub is closing.
Can you sum up your research?
The comet burned up in the atmosphere.
I need to sew up the hole in this shirt.
14. Aside, so as not to be in use.
To lay up riches; put up your weapons
15. Toward the top of.
The cat went up the tree.   They walk up the steps.
16. Toward the center, source, or main point of reference; toward the end at which something is attached.
The information made its way up the chain of command to the general.   They took a boat up the river from the coast.   I felt something crawling up my arm.
17. Further along (in any direction).
Go up the street until you see the sign.
18. From south to north of
19. Awake.
I can’t believe it’s 3 a.m. and you’re still up.
20. Finished, to an end
Time is up!
21. In a good mood.
I’m feeling up today.
22. Willing; ready.
If you are up for a trip, let’s go.
23. Next in a sequence.
Smith is up to bat.
24. Happening; new.
What is up with that project at headquarters?
25. Facing upwards; facing toward the top.
Put the notebook face up on the table.
Take a break and put your feet up.
26. Larger, greater in quantity.
Sales are up from last quarter.
27. Standing.
Get up and give her your seat.
28. On a higher level.
29. Available; made public.
The new notices are up as of last Tuesday.
30. Well-informed; current.
I’m not up on the latest news. What’s going on?
31. Functional; working.
Is the server back up?
32. Of a railway line or train Traveling towards a major terminus.
The London train is on the up line.
33. Headed, or designated to go, upward, as an escalator, stairway, elevator etc.
34. Chilled and strained into a stemmed glass.
A Cosmopolitan is typically served up.
35. Erect.
36. Above the horizon, in the sky (i.e. during daytime or night-time)
37. Well-known; renowned
38. The direction opposed to the pull of gravity.
Up is a good way to go.
39. A positive thing.
I hate almost everything about my job. The only up is that it's so close to home.
40. An upstairs room of a two story house.
She lives in a two-up two-down.
41. To increase or raise.
If we up the volume, we'll be able to make out the details.
We upped anchor and sailed away.
42. To promote.
It wasn’t long before they upped him to Vice President.
43. To act suddenly, usually with another verb.
He just upped and quit.
He upped and punched that guy.
44. To ascend; to climb up.
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Verb Forms

Present participle: upping
Present: up (3.person: ups)
Past: upped
Future: will up
Present conditional: would up
Present Perfect: have upped (3.person: has upped)
Past Perfect: had upped
Future Perfect: will have upped
Past conditional: would have upped
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