English → English - wing

n. animal's limb used for flying; anything resembling a wing in appearance or function; unit in the Air Force that between a group and a division in size; part of a building; faction, subsidiary; side of a stage; arm (Slang)
v. cross swiftly (as if by flight), fly; cause to fly; grow wings; supply with wings; wound on the arm or wing

English → Spanish - wing

s. ala, costado, costera, flanco; extensión, anexo, rama; aleta
v. pasar volando sobre

English → French - wing

n. aile (d'oiseau, d'insecte); (d'un avion); (d'un bâtiment); (d'une voiture); la coulisse; bras (argot)
v. frapper ou blesser à l'aile; improviser; voler vers; prendre l'avion

English → German - wing

n. Flügel (Ornithologie); Klavier; Abteilung; Tragfläche (Flugzeug); Flügel (Sport, Architektur); Pilotenabzeichen; Fliegerabzeichen, Kotflügel
v. durchfliegen, fliegen; beflügeln, beschwingen, beschleunigen; flügeln, flügellahm schießen; treffen (einen Vogel); verwunden

English → Indonesian - wing

n. sayap, kepak, layar, sisi panggung
v. terbang dgn cepat sekali, sayap: mengenai sayap

English → Italian - wing

s. (Zool, Aer, Sport, Mil, Arch, Bot) ala; (Aer; mil) aerobrigata; poggiatesta, appoggiatesta; battente; pala; (Aut) parafango; fianco, lato
v. munire di ali, mettere le ali a; (fig) mettere le ali ai piedi a; attraversare in volo, attraversare volando; ferire all'ala; (Mar) spostare verso le murate

English → Polish - wing

n. skrzydło, dywizjon, flanka, płat, aneks, błotnik auta
v. szybować, lecieć

English → Portuguese - wing

s. asa; ala; flanco; vôo; bastidor; facção; esquadra; amparo; lado; braço (gíria)
v. transportar sobre asas, voar; levantar vôo; atravessar voando; dar asas; tornar apto para voar; ferir na asa; viajar de avião

English → Romanian - wing

n. aripă, aripioară, braţ de ochelari, paletă de ventilator, zbor {fig.}, canat {constr.}, batant {constr.}, flanc, coastă, brigadă de aviaţie, regiment de aviaţie, escadrilă, culise la teatru, emblemă de aviator
v. accelera, grăbi, împăna o săgeată, înaripa, zbura prin, străbate în zbor, răni la aripă
a. aripat

English → Russian - wing

с. крыло; фланг; флигель, крыло дома; крайний нападающий; эскадрилья, авиакрыло
г. снабжать крыльями; подгонять, ускорять; лететь

English → Turkish - wing

f. kanat takmak, hızlandırmak, kanatlanmak, uçmak, uçarak geçmek, kanadını yaralamak, kolundan yaralamak
i. kanat, burun kanadı, ek bina, uçma, uçuşan şey, sıvışma, kol, çamurluk, hava filosu

English → Ukrainian - wing

n. крило, фланг, флігель, угруповання, стулка, крилатка, нападаючий гравець, авіабригада, філіал, куліса, лаштунка
v. прилаштовувати крила, окрилювати, летіти, крило: поранити в крило

English → Dutch - wing

zn. vleugel (v.e. vogel); vleugel (bij luchtmacht); afdeling; gedeelte v .h. toneel; arm (i.d. spreektaal)
ww. de lucht doorklieven (vogel); van vleugels voorzien; vleugelen doen aanschieten, bevleugelen

English → Greek - wing

ουσ. πτέρυξ, φτερό, φτερουύα, κέρατο
ρήμ. πτερώνω, κάνω πτερά, ίπταμαι, πετώ

English → Arabic - wing

‏جناح، طيران، شىء كالجناح شكلا، ذراع الإنسان، منطقة نائية، الجناح من مبنى، الجناح‏
‏جرح، جنح، طار، إخترق مستعينا بأجنحة، سقط طائرة، سدد الضربات، شق طريق بالطيران، ساعده على الطيران‏

English → Chinese - wing

(名) 翅, 翼, 翅膀
(动) 飞, 飞行; 装以翼, 使飞, 飞过

English → Chinese - wing

(名) 翅, 翼, 翅膀
(動) 飛, 飛行; 裝以翼, 使飛, 飛過

English → Hindi - wing

n. पक्ष, पंख, वाज

English → Japanese - wing

(動) 飛ぶ(飛行機で); 翼をつける; 飛ばす; 傷つける
(名) 翼; 羽; たもと; そで; 党派

English → Korean - wing

명. 날개; 각종 날개모양이나 날개 역할을 하는 것; 공군의 소대 단위; 건물의 일부; 당파; 무대의 측면; 팔(속어)
동. 날개를 달다, 날 수 있게 하다, 날다, ...의 날개에 상처를 내다, ...의 팔에 상처를 내다, 퇴를 달다, 날아가다

English → Vietnamese - wing

n. cánh chim
n. cánh, chái nhà, mạn tàu
v. tra cánh vào

Definition of wing

1. An appendage of an animal's (bird, bat, insect) body that enables it to fly; a similar fin at the side of a ray or similar fish
2. Human arm.
3. Part of an airplane that produces the lift for rising into the air.
4. One of the large pectoral fins of a flying fish.
5. One of the broad, thin, anterior lobes of the foot of a pteropod, used as an organ in swimming.
6. Any membranaceous expansion, such as that along the sides of certain stems, or of a fruit of the kind called samara.
7. Either of the two side petals of a papilionaceous flower.
8. A side shoot of a tree or plant; a branch growing up by the side of another.
9. Passage by flying; flight.
To take wing
10. Motive or instrument of flight; means of flight or of rapid motion.
11. A part of something that is lesser in size than the main body, such as an extension from the main building.
12. Anything that agitates the air as a wing does, or is put in winglike motion by the action of the air, such as a fan or vane for winnowing grain, the vane or sail of a windmill, etc.
13. An ornament worn on the shoulder; a small epaulet or shoulder knot.
14. A fraction of a political movement. Usually implies a position apart from the mainstream center position.
15. An organizational grouping in a military aviation service:
1. British A unit of command consisting of two or more squadrons and itself being a sub-unit of a group or station.
2. US A larger formation of two or more groups, which in turn control two or more squadrons.
16. A panel of a car which encloses the wheel area, especially the front wheels.
17. A platform on either side of the bridge of a vessel, normally found in pairs.
18. That part of the hold or orlop of a vessel which is nearest the sides. In a fleet, one of the extremities when the ships are drawn up in line, or when forming the two sides of a triangle.
19. A position in several field games on either side of the field.
20. A player occupying such a position, also called a winger
21. A flattened extension of a tridimensional plant organ.
22. A háček.
23. One of the unseen areass on the side of the stage in a theatre.
24. The insignia of a qualified pilot or aircrew member.
25. To injure slightly (as with a gunshot), especially in the arm.
26. To fly.
27. To add a wing (extra part) to.
28. To act or speak extemporaneously; to improvise; to wing it.
29. To throw.
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Verb Forms

Present participle: winging
Present: wing (3.person: wings)
Past: winged
Future: will wing
Present conditional: would wing
Present Perfect: have winged (3.person: has winged)
Past Perfect: had winged
Future Perfect: will have winged
Past conditional: would have winged
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